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Meal Box by Novotel

Quick, Simple, Freshly Prepared Meal Box from THB 59 baht | Food Delivery

Enjoy the quality of our famous food from around the world serves direct to your door. Prices from THB 59 Net only
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Menu Food Delivery

Meal Box

Stir fried pork/chicken holy basil with fried egg  59 baht net
Deep fried chicken with garlic and chili + rice  59 baht net
Roasted chicken + rice  59 baht net

Bangkok hotelBangkok hotelBangkok hotel

Pork/Chicken fried rice with fried egg  69 baht net
Chicken cashew nuts + rice  69 baht net
Deep fried fish with sweet and sour chili sauce + rice  79 baht net

Bangkok hotelBangkok hotelBangkok hotel

Tom yum fried rice with squid  79 baht net
Spicy pork grilled salad + rice  79 baht net

Bangkok hotelBangkok hotel


Hot Cappucino 100 baht net
Hot Latte 100 baht net
Hot Mocha 100 baht net
Hot Flatwhite 100 baht net
Hot Americano 90 baht net
Hot Espresso 90 baht net
Ice Cappucino 110 baht net
Ice Latte 110 baht net
Ice Mocha 110 baht net
Ice Flatwhite 110 baht net
Ice Americano 90 baht net
Ice Americano Orange 120 baht net
Ice Americano Passion fruit 120 baht net

(Accor Plus members receive 20% discount for coffee)

Cake Pound Menu

Cake pound delivery THB 650 Net per pound (48 hours advanced order is required)
Red velvet

Bangkok hotelBangkok hotelBangkok hotel

Black forest
Coconut cake

Bangkok hotelBangkok hotelBangkok hotel

Orange cake
Green tea

Bangkok hotelBangkok hotelBangkok hotel

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For more information and food order please call 02-009-4999 or LINE @novotelsukhumvit20

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