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Hotel Staycation on a Tight Schedule: How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

There is nothing quite like finishing work on a Friday, bursting with excitement and bound for the check-in desk of your luxurious staycation hotel. The relief as you drop your bags and fall onto a freshly made king-size bed, browse the mini bar, and run the first bath of your relaxing weekend can be immeasurable. For many, life feels like it never slows down; we all have moments when we can’t recall the last time we felt truly relaxed. Thankfully, we know exactly how this feels, and would like to share our expert advice on how to make the absolute most of your staycation weekend. Fitting everything into a weekend can seem unachievable. That’s because it is. Trust us when we say that less is undoubtedly more when taking a staycation.

When planning the perfect staycation, you should always opt for quality over quantity. It is good to think about activities that will enhance relaxation and take you as far away from the stresses of daily life as possible. When you have an idea of what nourishment your mind, body, and soul needs, then you can start to plan the perfect weekend getaway. Our top tip for making the most of your limited time is don’t be afraid to splurge. That little extra is guaranteed to make it so much better, and you know it.

Booking the perfect room

One of the best ways to make the most of your weekend staycation is to make sure you get the room just right. Of course, you don’t always need the honeymoon suite, but that doesn’t mean the basement will do, either. You need to be kind to yourself and live it up. After all, this is where you will be spending most of your time. It is crucial to remind yourself of this, so you can book a hotel room where your mind can be whisked away from your day-to-day and delve into a realm of tranquillity and bliss.

If staycations are new to you, or you struggle to treat yourself right, here are some recommendations to look for when booking your staycation hotel room.

The bathtub – We always struggle to decide what is most important on a staycation weekend, the bathtub or the bed. We have decided to start it off with the bathtub because this is a luxury that many people don’t have the time for in their daily lives. The right bathtub has the ability to create the most incredible weekend break. It is a good idea to check what bathtub the room comes with before you book. Another top tip, the bigger, the better. There is nothing more relieving than soaking in an oversized bathtub.

The bedding – Similarly to bathtubs, the bigger, the better rule goes for beds too. However, there are some additional features that are good to look into when choosing your staycation room. It might sound a little over the top, but once you’ve experienced it, there is no going back. Check to see if the hotel has a pillow and duvet menu or, even better, smart pillows. Being in control of your comfort is definitely one way to ensure a blissful night’s sleep.

The view – Nothing beats waking up to a view or sipping your morning coffee as you gaze out over a peaceful cityscape as the first light slowly begins to bring life back into the streets below. One way to ensure you have a room with a view is to communicate with the hotel directly. If you book through an app or booking website, this might not always be possible, so booking with the hotel directly means you will get the exact room that you want.

The space – Remember that this weekend is all about relaxation, so make sure the room’s square footage is up to the job. The last thing you want is to accidentally book a room that isn’t spacious. You want to feel that you have a choice of places to relax. Whether it is the bed, a desk, a sofa, or on balcony furniture, this is definitely worth a little extra splurge.

The minibar – One of our personal favourites is the minibar. It can make life so much easier if you double-check that the room has a minibar for your staycation. In addition, if there is a particular drink or snack you want in it, communicate this to the hotel directly, and they will be able to make that happen.

Room service – If you plan on going into full relaxation mode, this is one absolute necessity for your staycation room. Most good hotels will be happy to provide room service, but there is no harm in checking the menu before you book. Also, book a hotel with two or more restaurants to ensure variety throughout your staycation weekend break.

Make sure your staycation hotel is more than a place to sleep.

Besides booking the perfect room for your weekend getaway, it is essential to ensure the hotel has everything you want for the perfect weekend of relaxation. Of course, everybody is different regarding needs and wants, and only you will know what makes the perfect hotel for you. From our experience, having the choice of excellent quality hotel amenities at your fingertips promises to ensure the best staycation possible. Here are a few hotel facilities that can make your weekend precisely what you need.

Pools – There aren’t many feelings like chilling out by an infinity pool with a great book or simply watching the world go by. Even if you don’t want to get in the pool, being near water creates a feeling of calm that would otherwise be unachievable. You should definitely go for a hotel with a pool or two, and if you enjoy a poolside cocktail, double-check that your hotel has a pool bar.

Bars and restaurants – The best staycation hotels will offer a range of gourmet restaurants and bars. Adding this variety to your weekend will keep the fun and excitement consistent, even if you decide not to leave your hotel at all. Having the option to chill at a pool bar in the early afternoon, head to a seafood restaurant for a late lunch, and spend your evening under the stars in a luxurious sky bar with panoramic views will make you feel a million miles away from home.

Fitness Centre – Now this isn’t for everyone, especially on vacation, but it can make a tremendous difference to your weekend. Having the option to start your day in a fitness centre has to be the most positive way to kick-start the perfect Saturday. One negative about staycations is that they can make us lazy, and when we start to feel like that, we certainly aren’t maximising the enjoyment of our break from reality. A quick gym session means you are alert, ready, and energetic enough to truly enjoy your weekend.

Spa – If nothing says relaxation to you more than a full body massage or petal bath, check out the spa options available either at or near your hotel. Unfortunately, not all hotels will have a spa facility, but they will know the best nearby place for you to go and will probably offer a promotional price.

Finding the right staycation package

One major advantage of booking with the hotel directly is creating the perfect package for your weekend away. Hotels usually have several staycation packages available on their website, and you will not find them on other booking platforms. Another big plus is that you should be able to talk with your hotel and change or add to the package accordingly to have the best experience throughout your staycation.

Does the hotel location matter?

This is entirely up to you and whether you plan on eating out or sightseeing. If you want to enjoy some of the city’s attractions, ensure your hotel is close to public transport stops and in a vibrant part of the city. Your staycation weekend is about having an easy time, whatever you decide to do. The hotel staff and website will be able to guide you to whatever it is you have on your to-do list.

Are you longing for a relaxing staycation?

If you are planning your next staycation and want to create the perfect weekend away, NOVOTEL BANGKOK SUKHUMVIT 20 can make it happen. Our luxurious hotel is in the heart of the city, surrounded by the best restaurants and nightlife, and near underground and sky trains to help you reach any tourist destination. But, on the other hand, if you want to be fully consumed in the tranquillity of your staycation hotel in Bangkok, we have all the facilities to make your weekend as blissful as you wish. So, if you’re interested in the perfect staycation, check out our packages and offers, or talk to our expert team. We can’t wait to give you the weekend you deserve.

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